Virginia McGathey

· Chicago Board of Trade Member    · CME Commentator
· Commodities Broker & Trader        · Public Speaker

Virginia (Ginni) McGathey is the founder and president of McGathey Commodities Corp., a global brokerage execution company at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, trading Futures and Options on all grain products. Since 1983, Ginni has been the only Latina Female member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Ginni has battled it out in the trading pits and has overcome the challenges of working in a male-dominated industry and continues on her 40 plus year trajectory in the Commodities business.

Ginni began her career at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1975 as a runner quickly working her way up through the ranks. While at the CBOE she became an options member trading proprietary accounts for several firms and finally for her own account.

In 1983 she moved to the CBOT, now CME Group to break into the futures markets and in 1987 she formed McGathey Commodities Corp. Ginni built the company from one broker to seven adding several clerks and managing risk while trading futures and options for clients from all over the world.

Ginni also served as Chairwoman of the Commodity Option Members' Committee, elected 5 times consecutively. She has been featured in the “I AM AMERICAN BUSINESS” image campaign for CNBC and is currently a Daily Market commentator for the CME Group, a frequent contributor to the market commentary for Bloomberg, Fox Business, Sky News, CNBC, RFD TV Nashville, First Business, BNN, and the BBC among other prominent financial media organizations.

As a footnote Ginni learned to play Golf at the age 38 and today stands as the 12-time Ladies golf champion at Ridgemoor Country Club in Chicago, IL.

  •  Trading Options & Futures

  • Commodities:  Grains & Livestock

  • Equities:  Stocks & Indices

  • Teaching the history of the Open-Outcry markets

  • Market Commentary

  • Personal:   Golf & Sailing - as it relates to male dominated sports 

Market Commentator

Public Speaker

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